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The IRA Catastrophe

Estate planning involves just that…planning. When new client’s come in to our office, we collect and review all of their statements and paperwork. One of the biggest “blunders” we see is outdated beneficiaries on an IRA account. In today’s fast moving world, we sometimes forget to update information that we entered onto a form after…
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Can I Get a Raise, Please?

This week finds us smack dab in the middle of earnings season, with the major companies reporting daily. These announcements have the power to rock the market up down and sideways…not that we need another reason to increase volatility! Congressional hearings, compensation to bailed-out firms, compensation packages and the soon to be introduced Barney Frank…
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The Art Of Cash Flow

I am a great believer in living life. Live, love, laugh: that’s my motto. I am also a great believer in being responsible for myself and my actions- not that I’m proud of them all! Nonetheless, they are my actions, and I take responsibility for them all, good or bad. In financial planning, money in…
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Protecting Your Personal Information

More and more we are hearing on the news channel or reading in the  paper about security breaches with the mega companies ending with the news that our personal information i.e.: social security numbers, date of birth, address and phone number, etc. have been disseminated illegally. This leads us to stress and fear that we…
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