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When To Take Social Security Benefits

With the unfortunate rounds of layoffs in the past year, many retirement age folks who were not intending to retire have been forced into that decision or to go job hunting. We have been asked over and over again “is this the time to start my Social Security payments?” While we have spoken and written…
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Preparing For The Inevitable

In the recent past, I have had the experience of losing my father at age 82. As a Financial and Estate Planner, I have been part of planning hundreds of estates, and unfortunately, helping to settle far too many. Being that this time it was a personal family event, it gave me insight into the…
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NY Cost Of Living Is Expensive!

This past week while meeting with a new client, I was delighted to see a broad, smiling face at the opening of the meeting. Shamus McBurke (not his real name- I just liked the way it sounded!) was looking at life from a different prospective- the way he saw it, this recession, drop in his…
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What To Do With My 401(k)

It is a fact that in today’s business world, changing jobs and/or occupations is commonplace. As we are diligent about saving for retirement (you are diligent, aren’t you?) we usually make it a point to enroll in the company’s 401(k) plan as soon as we are allowed. While we are clear in the fact that…
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