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Estate Planning For Pets

When we do estate planning for our clients in our office, we will always talk about the pets of the household, and what will happen to them in the unlikely event of a premature death of the pet owner. Pets are people, too - if you think about how you treat your loving friend, and…
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Profit From Your Losses

Towards the end of the year, investors begin to size up the performance of their investments for the year. Our winning positions, both realized and unrealized fill us with great satisfaction while our losers sit there and stare us square in the face. Attempting to take advantage of your losses may help you overcome them…
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Financial Planning For Women

Women are different from men. No…really! Other than the obvious, financial planning for women is very different than financial planning for men. As a group women earn less, bringing in only 73%* as much as men over the course of their lives whether they take time off to raise a family, inequities in the workplace,…
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