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It’s Time To Take Inventory!

Now that we've entered the last month of the year, our thoughts tend to stray to holiday thinking. Christmas, Chanukah, New Year's... it's all about thinking and being about the holidays. The joys (and stresses) of setting up the house in all its festive colors, shop till you drop (or your fingers get numb!), thinking…
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Is Your Portfolio A SEVILLE Portfolio?

I've been a member of Seville since 2011, and feel blessed to be a part of this wonderous place. Being a member of a club back in NY for over 15 years (until it got "trashed" to build houses) every time I drove onto the hallowed grounds of the club it was a feeling of…
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It’s Not Just Golf That Takes Coordination!

As a Certified Financial Planner® for over 25 years, I never tire of speaking to new clients about their situations, getting to know them, and helping them to solve their financial issues, either good or bad. It's what gets me up in the morning (aside from the dog!) wondering "who am I going to help…
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BBQ Ribs And Investment Strategies

I spend a fair amount of time in AZ, NY and Tennessee. Being a foodie, one weakness I have is for Southern food: especially BBQ and Ribs. Now, the preparation of ribs are a definitive process, made very differently depending on where you are. South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Southwest region, Northeast- all prepare their ribs…
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