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There is no doubt that doctors are some of the most respected and affluent professionals in the workplace. In fact, according to U.S. Department of Labor reports, eight out of the top 10 highest-paying jobs in the nation belong to healthcare professionals.

That’s the good news.

As a doctor, you face several challenges when it comes to securing your financial future. Educational requirements and substantial student loans delayed your ability to generate income and savings, while constant patient care and the need for continuing education demand your full attention, leaving precious little time to devote to your financial well-being.

Ironically, you spend most of your life caring for others, and very little time caring for yourself. What’s more, your income bracket makes you the target of financial specialists of all shapes and sizes, each of whom professes the expertise to provide you with the most efficient retirement plan, a can’t-miss stock, comprehensive insurance coverage, tax shelters... the list goes on.

Ask yourself this:

  • Can consultants looking through the microscopes of their own individual disciplines be successful in helping you achieve your financial goals?
  • Who ensures that their combined efforts are squarely focused on your financial health in its totality?

That’s Where Chestnut Comes In.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

Chestnut Investment Group and the Chestnut team offers financial planning programs designed exclusively for doctors. Chestnut capabilities are driven by a team of financial talent and strategic thinkers who design and manage each of the four cornerstones of our integrated platform:

  • Practice structure
  • Risk management
  • Portfolio design
  • Asset protection

We employ a conservative approach committed to unwavering regulatory compliance that seeks to avoid unwarranted risk, maximize allowable deductions and protect income and savings from unexpected life events.

The Chestnut team understands doctors’ unique earning, spending and savings patterns across different specialties and age groups, and uses that knowledge to design integrated financial plans that are intended to help you reach your goals most efficiently. We work hard to mitigate threats to your income and investments, and possible exposure to creditors and frivolous lawsuits. Chestnut also helps doctors recognize the tax implications of their entire portfolio, and select the most effective pension and business structures.

Key to the Chestnut approach is the delivery and management of all programs and services through a single point of contact: your highly trained Chestnut Financial Advisor. Chestnut Advisors count on years of experience leading individuals to financial independence—the point in your life when your savings (and income from savings) afford your lifestyle needs throughout your life expectancy.

The Shortest Path

What sets Chestnut apart is our expertise and intellectual property... and our focus on serving doctors. We believe that integrated financial planning delivered through a dedicated experienced team of advisors maximizes your ability to reap the rewards your hard work has earned you. And we’re eager to build a detailed plan that identifies the date you can expect to reach financial independence.