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Market Updates

May 2019

The year has been a roller-coaster due in part to the dysfunction of our government, and the mixed signals sent both domestically and internationally over the many issues surrounding politics and economics. As I always say, I take no sides- this letter is to update you on what is going…

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Rivertown Magazine

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What is Your Single Biggest Goal?

Financial planning is about setting and achieving goals and objectives. Buying a house or car, sending kids to college, saving for that dream vacation... getting your eyes set on a goal and with fortitude and a disciplined savings program, finding yourself on that Caribbean beach or high atop the Alps…

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Our Quarterly Newsletter

Summer 2018
  • Teaching Your Children And Grandchildren About Money
    As a long term professional in the financial business, I take great pride in the fact that I mentored my daughter in the ways of responsibility and accountability with issues surrounding money. In her early days, we looked at the…
  • Crime: An Aging Profession
    In 2005, the Opa Bande ("Grandpa Gang") in Germany consisted of 3 German men in their sixties and seventies who were convicted in robbing 12 banks of approximately $1.09 million dollars. They testified at their trial that all they were…
  • From The President’s Desk
    Needless to say, it's been an interesting time for the USA of late, affecting both the domestic and international markets. It's important to remember that we are now a global society: many US based companies are also international, making close…
  • Interest Rates are Rising… Will I be Effected?
    For the past 8 or 9 years, we had 0% interest rates, providing cheap money when borrowing. This had a major effect on credit rates, mortgage rates and your purchase of anything having to do with borrowing... hello new car!…
  • The Curse Of The Credit
    Are you a millennial that tends to use your credit card for expenses between paychecks? Millennials are all about the experiences now-a-days even though you may know 100% that you can't afford these sorts of experiences you still end up…