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The concept of charitable giving is as old as time itself. We teach our children to share their toys and their cookies with their peers. As adults, we grow to find that on this planet there are indeed circumstances that clearly illustrate how giving is the ultimate act of kindness.

There are many faces and degrees of philanthropy – however, they are all an act of kindness by sharing what you are fortunate to have with others in need that appreciate and benefit from your gift.

At CIG, we have found that most folks would like to be benefactors of some sort, but don’t understand how or where to start. With so many charities and organizations in need, it is difficult to determine where to give.

To assist in this venue, we at CIG have designed a program called "Partners in Giving" where a portion of a client’s fees to CIG will be donated to the client’s organization, church, temple, etc.* The donation is in the name of the client and is clearly documented. The client enjoys the many benefits of the CIG advisory team while supporting the charity of their choice. It’s a “win-win situation” – and most of all, it just feels great! Ask your CIG planner how you can help your organization by raising funds in our Partners in Giving program…because that’s what giving people do.

*All accounts opened after January 1, 2010. Certain rules apply, including account size, type and ownership.