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The language of Wall Street may seem as unfamiliar as that of a land on the other side of the world. Those that have been involved in the market have also been involved in the daily highs and lows that it sees on a minute-by-minute basis.

Investing in the markets takes time and experience. We’ve all joked about picking stocks by throwing darts at a board, but the fact is, it takes research and experience to understand what moves the market. There are many factors that may affect the market positively or negatively: interest rate changes, outside effects such as war or terrorism, economic reporting, housing starts, and employment are but a few factors that move the markets daily. While dealing in the market yields no guarantees and none of us have yet found our crystal ball to be totally dependable, an understanding of these many factors is crucial to understanding the markets, and its potential reactions.

At CIG, we have access to all of the major markets: New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, American Exchange, as well as a full range of accessibility to the municipal, government and corporate bond markets. Unit investment trusts, mutual funds, treasury securities and other varied investments are all available to our clients at all times. Our planners are all fully licensed, and have decades of experience to assist you, our client, in finding, purchasing and selling those investments that are suitable to helping to achieve your goals.