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The tax code is an evolving document of enormous complexity. Our tax professionals regularly attend seminars keeping them abreast of the latest news and tax strategies. Despite congressional leaders advocating a simplified tax system, the reality is: We continue to be governed by a complicated tax code that confuses the average taxpayer. Tax preparation may involve strategies such as reporting, gifting, and estate planning. We take the steps necessary to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits available under current law.

Tax services do not start nor end with the preparation of your tax return. Tax planning is a twelve-month job, and the availability of your tax professional is important should you encounter changes during the year that may affect your tax planning. Our tax professionals are ready and waiting for your questions any time they arise.

Tax planning is incorporated into various aspects of the financial planning process. An integral part of estate planning involves the amount of taxation, or estate shrinkage, and what steps can be taken to minimize this. Your CIG tax professional will be sure to consider the tax implications on any of your personal and business financial planning matters.

At tax time, your tax professional will work directly with the financial planning and money management department to obtain tax documentation that you normally spend hours gathering. We do it for you.