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Entrepreneurs and business owners are a different kind of person. Young or old, male or female, it takes a certain type of person to take that huge step into the independent business world. Why? Many people will give you many answers: some say money, some say time. To us it all comes down to one answer-FREEDOM.

When we first have the grand idea to go into business, it all seems so exciting: the concept of being our own person, making our own hours, being in control of our own destiny. More often sooner than later, the reality of responsibility, lack of time and administrative responsibilities take over the initial excitement. Client time becomes paperwork time, and productive intent, the reason you went into business, slowly begins to be replaced with the many jobs that come along with the territory of independency.

At CIG, we recognize and appreciate freedom. We recognize that your specialty is making money, not figuring out what to do with it. We recognize that you are very good at what you do, and being burdened with the dozens of tasks that are associated with entrepreneurship only slow you down and drain you of the time it takes to do that which you are so good at. Mostly, we recognize that you just may like to have more time to yourself in general, to pursue other dreams or spend time with your family.

We have great respect for the independent business owner, and regularly partner with them to evaluate and define those areas that drain them of valuable energy, time, and money. Evaluation of business structure, review or installation and management of pension plans and benefits, employee relations and business coaching are just some of the areas that the team of professionals at CIG helps those to find their freedom.

Because let’s admit it: there’s more to life than just working…