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PAM – Prime Asset Management is a five-step process.

  1. DISCOVERY. With the help of our Confidential Risk Profile, we discover your needs. We ask the right questions: What are your financial goals? What is your time horizon? How do you feel about risk?
  2. EXAMINATION. An Asset Allocation Analysis is used to show you how your needs might be met. This analysis becomes the road map of your personal investment plan.
  3. SELECTION.Our sophisticated investment selection process identifies some of the top investments in their asset class. All portfolios follow the Nobel Prize-winning concepts of Modern Portfolio Theory.
  4. IMPLEMENTATION. Your well-diversified portfolio is allocated. Since PAM is a fee-based account, you will not be charged commissions for any of the initial or on-going transactions.* Your portfolio is managed on the basis of Asset Allocation principles.
  5. MEASUREMENT. We measure investment performance quarterly and constantly monitor strategies to keep you on track. During regular meetings we assess your progress, and, when necessary, recommend portfolio rebalancing.

*Nominal ticket charges will apply

PAM management fees are based on a percentage of assets managed. Your Advisor is paid for investment management, not on the basis of trading commissions charged to your account. Your Advisor’s investment decisions are guided by one primary goal — increasing your assets.