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The Chestnut Process™

augustusToward the end of his life, the Roman emperor Augustus boasted proudly:
"I found Rome a city of brick and left it a city of marble." What he didn't mention was how he accomplished it! In actuality, Augustus had a specific plan and system that allowed for Rome's prosperity under his reign. Unlike Augustus, we don't keep secrets. We familiarize you with our process so that you can see exactly how your pile of bricks is turned into marble. The chart above describes the individual steps that make up The Chestnut Process™. From your initial Meeting Preparation on, our definitive course of action ensures that your comprehensive financial plan is fully accomplished in an organized and easy-to-understand program.

STEP 1. The Meeting Preparation
An initial conversation to get acquainted and identify your needs. You are sent a Risk Questionnaire to complete and bring to the first meeting.

STEP 2. The Getting to Know You Meeting
You come in to discuss your goals and objectives bringing all pertinent data: tax returns, insurance policies, legal documents (wills, trusts, etc.), investment statements, and Risk Questionnaire. You take home the financial and retirement planning questionnaire to return by mail.
As a follow-up you receive via mail a summary of the meeting and booklet of information specifically designed for you.
Your data is distributed to the appropriate CIG departments for review and analysis.

STEP 3. The Meeting of the Minds
You meet with your CIG planner to discuss an analysis of the documents delivered at your first meeting. Basic legal strategy is discussed and information is collected to design your legal drafts. Accuracy of financial and retirement planning questionnaires is reviewed and discussed. Investment account paperwork is signed for transfers.

STEP 4. The Discovery
Together, we “discover” the results of the financial plan analysis and thoroughly review the written financial plan for current analysis and any additional data. Changes are discussed, as well as future projections and corresponding scenarios. Review legal documents for accuracy. Discuss investment aims, goal, objectives and philosophy. Review insurance needs.

STEP 5. The Round Up
Together, we sign and finalize all legal documents. Review final written financial plan. Review new statements and paperwork that may include: insurance policy changes, new account documents, etc.

STEP 6. The Professional Asset Management
When all assets have been transferred to CIG and other agreed-upon companies, the investment funds are placed in an asset-allocated portfolio based on the parameters jointly decided upon in previous meetings. Ongoing regular contacts and quarterly review meetings with you, in person or via telephone, keep us abreast of any changes and needs, as well as further develop our relationship.

STEP 7. The Peace of Mind
The ultimate goal of The Chestnut Process™ is to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all of the preceding steps have been taken. You won’t be thinking about how, why, and when. It’s all done, in one place, with one team monitoring the results.