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Don’t Flip Me Off!

For those of us over the age of 60, there comes a time when you may find yourself in a place you've been a hundred times before questioning yourself if you're in the right place. Now, that unto itself may sound confusing, but the fact is as we get older, we tend to occasionally find ourselves wondering if the direction we are heading in is correct. Admit it: at one time or another, have you thought you were going in the right direction while you were driving and began to secondguess yourself? Passed the exit without noticing? Found yourself on a street you've traveled many times before and thinking something doesn't look right? Yes my friends welcome to the CRS Club. (For those of you who don't know what CRS stands for, call me–I promise you a good belly laugh!) OK... take a minute and reach into your pocket or pocketbook and put your phone on the table. If it's the old type flip phone, I'm talking to you–it's time for a change.

I've been on a campaign with all my clients and friends who find themselves in this age category to change to a Smartphone. There's a reason it's called a Smartphone: it's smart. The biggest advantage to the new Smartphone's is the built in GPS capabilities. If you ever found yourself turned around or in what seemed to be unfamiliar territory, all you have to do is push a button, and your phone will guide you home. Chances are within minutes you'll regain your bearings, but with your GPS always in hand, you will never get lost. Set it for home or a few waypoints (fancy for "places I know") and you'll never have the angst of getting lost ever again. The other reason it’s called a Smartphone is it is incredibly easier to use than that old dinosaur in your pocket–1 hour of playing around with it and you’ll wonder why you didn't make the change years ago. It's a question of personal security–I can't think of anything more important in our place in time. If you're worried about learning about how to learn to use it, that's why we have grandchildren...

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