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Oil- It’s NOT So Slick!

I’m a muscle car guy- always have been, and probably always will be. For you non-car folks, it means I go ga-ga over classic cars and big engines…and along with that comes big gas station fill ups. I remember not too long ago when it took all of $70 to fill up my Hemi Jeep…last…
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Life After Retirement

For many, retirement is the holy grail of life- right up there with meeting the love of your life, the joy of children and grandchildren, or anything else that took a long time to achieve and years of stick-to-itiveness. We’ve helped and walked with hundreds of people into that sacred space: many of which found…
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Wellness- Health AS WELL As Wealth

This quarter, I write to you from Arizona. I just came back from my afternoon walk with my dog, Murphy. I walk him twice a day, when we first wake up and then again in the afternoon- the exercise is great for both of us! While you might imagine Arizona as being sunny and warm…
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