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Mortgage Alert!!!

A short but not-to-late warning. For the past 8 years or so with interest rates pretty much at zero, mortgage rates have been at unheard of historic lows. Last month, interest rates were raised a quarter of a point after all this time. Amazingly, some people did not take advantage of low mortgage rates and refinance their mortgage. Note to self: it's not too late to evaluate your mortgage and see if it would make financial sense to do a refi. Rates are still at historic lows, albeit a bit off the bottom but still at great rates. If you have a mortgage rate above 5% (as an example) it may make sense to refi after evaluating the number of years you have left to pay, the interest rate and the remaining balance. It's not too late- it doesn't cost to look. You just may save a buck... or tens of thousands of them!

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