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2016 Contribution

This is a reminder to all of you who may have not done your IRA for 2016, or have not funded it to its fullest extent. The limits for 2016 are a maximum of $5500 for those of you below the age of 50, and $6500 for those of you above the age of 50.…
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Market Commentary Follow Up

In a continuing effort to let you know how things look from my desk, this is a follow up to my commentary last week. The market continues to surprise us- albeit in ways we did not anticipate. The post-election run-up, while looking good, was a wall of deception (no- not THAT wall!). While the numbers…
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Post Election Comments

For me, this Presidential election cycle has seemed like it's been going on forever. It actually started about 16 months ago, so we've been enduring the commercials, ads and stifling suffocation of it for almost a year and a half now. Each candidate had his or her own ideas and all of them were vague…
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