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Post Election Comments

For me, this Presidential election cycle has seemed like it's been going on forever. It actually started about 16 months ago, so we've been enduring the commercials, ads and stifling suffocation of it for almost a year and a half now. Each candidate had his or her own ideas and all of them were vague and non-informational, at least not enough to give us a clear idea of where they stand on the issues. With the election over and our President-Elect waiting in the wings, it's time to refocus and concentrate on our own agenda: namely setting and attaining our goals: we may not have much control over what goes on in the White House but each and every one of you has control over your own house.

The few days after the election have led to a massive uptick in the markets, to the surprise of everybody. Certain sectors have jumped wildly at the prospects of another set of eyes looking at them, from a different direction with varied promises. We've see Bio and Pharma jump by close to 10% in one day as an example- different administration, different promises. The 10 year treasury yield is over 2% for the first time in 4 years, meaning that yield goes up and prices go down, like a kid's see-saw... yield moves in an inverse reaction to price. This indicates the general feeling of being more sure of the stock market and moving out of the safe haven of bonds- a positive for us all. The international world is nervous about the uncertainty of the new administration, but slowly and surely, the sun will rise tomorrow and all will find its own level. Life will go on, regardless of how things shake out. The key here is for YOU to keep YOUR eye on the ball.

It's easy to get sidetracked when it comes to saving for future goals and building up our own nest egg. At this time, we have no idea regardless of the rhetoric of the incoming administration as to how the prevailing changes will affect us. Changes in taxation, IRS rules, laws and a myriad of ideas all sound good during the campaign cycle, but we really have no idea of the ultimate outcome and how it will affect us. It's time to put the frustration and distraction of the election behind you, and re-focus on you and your family. Time to re-check your 401(k) - did you raise your contribution when and if you got a raise? Its still time

to do your IRA contribution and Roth contribution- call us to check if you qualify and remember: the power of compounding is a wonderful thing over the years before your retirement. If you have small kids, you MUST be putting away for college or you'll be paying for it long into your retirement, or it will actually defer your retirement. You’ve worked too long for that to happen. Do you have wills and trusts, and any legal documents needed to prepare for the inevitable? If you do, have you reviewed them lately…like every 3-5 years to comport with your current wishes.

If you have any questions, as always, give us a call. Life will go on, and we can now get back to our regular programming schedule... and those regular, mundane product commercials once again. Regards to you all.

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