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Pre-Election Comments

To say that this Presidential election cycle is different from the norm would be an understatement, as I think you'll agree. Besides the obvious departures from discussing the issues and how to help us all by being a suburb leader, the election has been filled with "items of interest" that are unprecedented in our county's election history. While I have no intention of doing a rehash nor commenting on either candidate, my concern is you…and all the things you depend on us for. In particular, this memo is to remind you of what I have discussed with each and every one of you- in person, by newsletter, in my book Tales from the Chestnut Tree™, and in all our communication mediums.

It is my personal and business practice to set goals for everything I do. To not have a goal is like setting off on a journey without a destination- if you don't know where you're going, you'll never get there. One goal, for example is retirement. It's pretty much a goal for everybody, but the road to get there is also different for everybody. The commonality though, is that you all have a goal, whatever it may be. And not unlike your car journey, if you don’t say on track, you’ll never get there. This is true for retirement or virtually any goal you have.

In this very trying time, I'm writing to you all to remind that keeping your destination in mind is the most important thing to do in times like we are facing now. It's important to remember, or call me and I'll remind you, as to what the goal of our investment plan was, and is. Since compliance forbids me to speak about a specific investment vehicle, I'll be as broad as I can, and leave it to you to understand my point.

If the investment vehicles we are utilizing are designed to give you guaranteed income, then the up and down value of the underlying investment is not nearly as important as knowing that your guaranteed monthly income will be there regardless of the gender of the leader of the free world. If your main goal is income, than keep your eye on the ball- and your mailbox- come the first of the month. I cannot impress upon you more to remember the goal of your investment portfolio, and not be distracted by the media and all the "noise" you are

Surrounded by, and to stay focused on the information you get from those you trust. By now, you are drowning in noise- bombarded by the TV, radio, news, newspapers, magazines, and the non-stop offerings of anybody and everybody's opinions. NOISE MEANS NOTHING- IT'S ONLY ONE PERSON’S OPINION, WHICH IS AS GOOD AS YOURS. So, depend on information you get from those sources you trust: your advisors at Chestnut. We will always give it to you as we see it, backed always by information and facts.

Tuesday is will all be over, or perhaps it will all begin. The most important thing overall, is to remember the reasons why we are investing as we are and to keep your eye on your goals: if you have any questions at all, call us. We're here. As your President, I don't have to rally to be re-elected every 4 years... I took this responsibility as a lifetime position. Chestnut's been here for 27 years and I've been working for some of you for close to 33 years now- in some families 3 generations at the same time. Call me if you have any questions at all... there's no way I’m getting voted out of this office.

My warmest regards to you all.

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