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On Determination

ASK ANY INVENTOR OR BUSINESSPERSON, and they will tell you of failure after failure to get to where they eventually go to in their quest for success. If you don't try, how can you possibly succeed at anything? I am reminded of friends who came back from Atlantic City, bragging of their gains and stories of their money amassed. I ask you- how many times did they come back and call me to tell me how much they lost? Nary a once, as I can recall. Our most successful inventors and brainiest of history: Franklin, Edison, Henry Ford, and the thousands who preceded and followed them tried
and tried again until they found success. It is said, "If you don't succeed, try, try again." More true words have never been spoken.

If you don't try; how will you know if you would have succeeded? The same can be said for investing? If you think that every time you invest you will have gains, think again. The true method of potential success in investing as well as anything else in life is time, keep at it, do your research, and surround yourself with the best and the
brightest. Crossing your fingers never hurts either...

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