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2016 Contribution

This is a reminder to all of you who may have not done your IRA for 2016, or have not funded it to its fullest extent. The limits for 2016 are a maximum of $5500 for those of you below the age of 50, and $6500 for those of you above the age of 50. To make a contribution, you have to have earned wages in the year 2016. The determination as to which is most appropriate for you is to be discussed on a case by case basis, as well as all of the qualifications.

I remind you all that someday, lord willing, you will be ready to retire, and consistently making your contribution each year is one of the keys to a successful, timely retirement. Your contribution must be made before you file your taxes, so please call the office and discuss with your planner your individual situation.

Once you file your taxes, you lose the ability to make a 2016 contribution, and the potential growth through the years until you retire. I urge you, if you have not done it by now, to give us a call and get it done. Your future will thank you!

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