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The Advantage of Being A Senior Citizen

It seems now that i am classified as a Senior Citizen, I am struck by how many definitions of a Senior there are. At the movies, its one age–for a bus fare another, and in so many other venues, how widely it varies to be offered a discount. The one thing I can tell you as your Financial Advisor is this: if you can get a senior discount–take it. Don’t be proud. It's the world's way of acknowledging the overwhelming issues we endured and worked hard enough to eventually buy your first house, the stress we experienced in raising a family and sending them to college, and the pressures we survived through to get to this stage in our lives. So, the next time someone asks you how old you are when you have money in hand, tell them proudly... and put some green back in your pocket with their good graces–just call it part of your retirement package!

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