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Where There’s A Will… There’s A Way

I never really gave it any thought: a will- why would I even need one? I am in my 20’s and I don’t plan on leaving this world anytime soon. I guess no one really “plans” on leaving this world, but it is inevitable it will happen one day.

What if something unexpected happens to you- health issue, car accident, or even something like slipping on the ice? In an instant you could be gone… and what happens to all your assets- your stuff? Yes, anyone and everyone has assets and this doesn’t mean you have to have tons of money to leave your family. I often thought that way… why draft up a will if I have no money, but I did a little research. Anything that you own is considered an asset, so you have a car, jewelry, clothes, maybe some sort of family heirloom, and in most cases if you’re working a 401k plus any savings you may have accumulated throughout the years. Now, if you don’t have a will set up then all of those precious mementos would go be settled in a probate court, where a stranger would decide what to do with them. Is this what we want?

My girlfriend has 2 children and she and her husband never drafted up a will. What would happen if something happened to the both of them? Where would her children go, where would their house go, cars, anything that they owned, who would end up with it all? It is so important to think about the future, I agree. I know we like to live in the moment and for today but don’t you want to live for today knowing that if something were to happen you had everything in order.

When I say “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, I know technically it means if you want something badly enough you can find the means to get it… but when I hear it I think where there is a will.. There is a way to keep your personal belongings & finances confined to your loved ones if you should suddenly pass. Millennial’s may not think drafting up a will is important right now probably because we think we are indestructible. We may know in our minds that this has to get done at some point, but the biggest mistake we make is that this should be on our top priority list of things to get done. If it’s suddenly so important in your 30’s and 40’s, why is it less important in your 20’s?

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