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What A Wonderful World!

I feel blessed to be a part of the Seville community. I've made a host of friends, and I can say I have not met a person here that was not kind and thoughtful. We have a community of homes that range in size and shape (and every shade of beige!), great accommodations for the…
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Passion And Vision- The Dynamic Duo!

Have you very observed a person who was so embroiled in what they were doing that it appeared to them, they were the only being on earth? Focused with a concentration beyond the ordinary, that they and their project or thoughts were one? It is truly a marvelous site to observe- even more amazing to…
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Things That Make You Go… HMMMM?

I try to think of myself as an easy going, levelheaded guy. I try to remember to take the trash out on Sundays, call people back as soon as possible when I get a message, hold doors open for ladies, and try to think things through before answering. I do however, find it perplexing how…
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