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Is it Your Portfolio or Your Parents?

Many studies have been done regarding our spending habits and relationships towards money. It's different for everybody, as we all have our own habits and past issues that govern how we relate to our money at this stage in our lives. In the past generations going back to the 20's-50's, the envelope method was the…
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Vinny Barbarino’s tag line on Welcome Back Kotter, played by John Travolta Needless to say, the market has been an interesting time for the USA of late, affecting both the domestic and international markets. It's important to remember that we are now a global society: many US based companies are also international, making close to…
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DEBT- A Short Term High For A Long Term Low

Recently our Government passed a new $1.3 Trillion (with a "T") dollar tax bill which has raised much controversy with both members of Congress as well as us, as Americans. Not being in the "Trillionaires Club" it's hard for me to think in terms of that staggering amount of money, and what to do with…
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Financial Planning, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, College Planning… Withdrawal Planning?

Now that tax time is finished, thinking about putting money away for use later in life is not. Retirement planning and saving is a 365/24 deal... it should always be on your mind. My day involves lots of planning to accomplish many different goals. Financial planning involves budgeting, investment management, cash flow, portfolio construction and…
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