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A Traveler’s Guide to Insurance Protection

While Mr. Clitheroe may point to the obvious, the fact is that in America today, paying for purchases usually happens after, not during the purchase. Debt is unfortunately rampant in today's world, sometimes because of necessity, and many times, by confusing the terms "want" and "need." When meeting with all our clients, one of the first goals we tackle together is to try to have you free from all types of debt, excluding your mortgage. If you have too much plastic, it's time to look at the amount of debt that is available to you, and reduce the temptation by reducing the available lines of credit that all companies will be happy to offer to you. I keep in my pocket two American Express cards, one for business and one for personal, and one MasterCard in the chance that American Express is not accepted. To have a pocket full of cards is to have a pocket full of temptation to extend them, which for many digs a hole bigger than one can dig out of. There is no sleep aid better than knowing that you owe nothing. Try it- it works.

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