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May 2019

The year has been a roller-coaster due in part to the dysfunction of our government, and the mixed signals sent both domestically and internationally over the many issues surrounding politics and economics. As I always say, I take no sides- this letter is to update you on what is going on, and how it is…
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That Call you Never Want

Recently I got a call from a client-one of those calls you never want to get- that her husband had recently passed away. It was relatively quick: just a few weeks from diagnosis to passing. A one in a million occurrence. So rare you only read about these things in magazines, or never heard of…
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Spring in Seville!

Spring- a wonderful time when everything seems so vibrant and alive! The grass is back to green, the flowers unfold with nature's colored light show, and my peach and apricot trees will soon reward me with little bundles of joy. Unfortunately, as I sit here writing this article in late March from my New York…
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Ta-Ta Tatellah

College: an institution of higher learning. A time for many of us to learn about living on our own, charting a course for a direction in life to follow the path to the pot at the end of the rainbow. For others it may be an occupational school and pursuit, finding out more about ourselves…
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