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From The President’s Desk

...because I've been knocked from my chair! When the ladies approached (nice word... politically correct... safe!) me to take over the newsletter this quarter, I gallantly abdicated my throne and put it in their hands. Working with both men and women all these years has given me a very healthy respect for both sexes and the roles they take in the financial planning process. However, besides just differentiating between genders, we also deal more and more with age, lifestyle, geographic location, and a host of items that seem to be more prevalent in the financial planning process than ever before. Having these ladies with their diverse backgrounds and ages just adds to the diversity of knowledge here at Chestnut, and the variety of opinions and understandings of life we deal with every day, and for me as an advisor as well as a husband, Dad and Grandpa. Though never selling any of our team short, I hope to have them add their opinion and education to our newsletters and client issues going forward- I've got a lot to learn from them and we've got a lot to learn from each other. Stay tuned... once you've been knocked out of your chair, the "knockers" now know how easy it is to do!

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