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How Are We Doing

Well, if I had a hair back for all the times I've heard that, I would still have my Beatle cut! Everyone wants to know how they're doing, did I save enough, my next door neighbor said I should have had a zillion dollars saved by this age, and about the penny stock that went to $1000 and I missed it. This same neighbor is the one who also brags to you every time he returns from Atlantic City (that you know of) telling you how much he's won. The questions is... how many times has he called you to brag how much he lost?

It s not a contest, and it's not about how much you have as opposed to your sibling or neighbor. We're all different, and have different needs. Along the way in our accumulation stage, some of us raise 1 child, and some 5. Some take 3 vacations a year, some go away for a weekend. Some are two earner families, some are one earner families. And then there the unknown, at least to us. We all have our own lifestyle, expenses and obligations. The short of it is this: it's NOT a contest, at least with any other person. It's just about doing the best you can with what you have to work with. It's ONLY about you and your family- what happens next door means absolutely nothing and will accomplish nothing but to frustrate you. So, do your best, love your family, remember that we were not put on this earth just to work and work more. Balance your personal and professional life, and if you feel that you are working too hard, you probably are. Always remember... family first. Your job doesn't grow up, leave the house, or kiss you goodnight

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