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Information… Lets Set The Record Straight

We get a few calls a week asking us about something someone read or heard and are calling to confirm, deny or discuss the issue. Some of them are quite logical and reasonable, and lead to great discussion. Some of them, however, are fueled by the caller hearing the utmost in nonsensical comments by a person or entity having no knowledge of the subject matter, but sound like they are the voice of experience. We are surrounded and bombarded with "noise" everywhere we go: the TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, newsletters and of course the never-ending source of "information," the internet. Please be aware that just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true or accurate: there is no proofreader for the internet…anything may be posted. Many times it just the opinion of the writer, who may have no credentials or actual education in the subject he or she is writing about. In this time of economic and worldwide uncertainty, I impress upon you to call us if you have any questions about... well, anything. We're never ashamed to say "I don't know" but will research the question amongst our team, whom we know are tenured, knowledgeable, well-educated and trustworthy. Please don't take another's word for it- always know from us, you'll always get it straight and get the truth.

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