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From The President’s Desk – Kids

KIDS. We love them from the day they're born, and grit our teeth more times than we will admit to. Those wonderful bundles of joy give us pride, smiles, more than enough belly laughs, and the responsibility of taking a lump of clay and molding it into a respected, educated and polite human being. All along the way we have the responsibility of knowing where they are, who they are, and the foresight (and hope) that they will take our wisdom with them into their adult life. Unfortunately, from age 0 to age 18 there is a little thing that gets in the way: it's called life. When we were younger, things seemed to be a bit simpler, and problems easier to solve. Now that we have aged a bit, we have wisdom: it's a commodity that you can't buy, only earn, and it takes time. Sooner or later, our kids will have wisdom of their own.

This quarter, we are taking a new direction: we are dedicating this whole issue to those loves of our lives, those pride and joys: our kids. While I have no intention of instructing you on how to raise them, our intention this month is to tackle the financial side of raising kids, and the ultimate outcomes that may prevail without considering that financial planning is necessary for them as well as you. So parent, grandparent or guardian, sit back and have a read. You may recall some of these pearls of wisdom from my book, "Tales from the Chestnut Tree." If you thought financial and estate planning was just for us grownups, think again.

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