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… And Now It’s Time to say… Soooo Long

The wondrous Carol Burnett would sign off her weekly variety show with the above words, tug at her ear to say good night to her grandmother and smile us off to another show the following week. She was a legend, and deservedly so... and, she knew when it was time to say, "so long."

In 2006, Phil ("Call Me Crazy") Bunton walked through our doors at Chestnut to discuss me taking out an ad in his magazine. Since I had writing experience, I agreed to write a column for his relatively new magazine with the goal of teaching the public something new every month that they could read and put into action. For 13 years and over 150 articles, I gave you, our reader, a small tid-bit you could incorporate into your financial life to make it better. From college planning to retirement planning to the articles incorporating current news, my goal has always been to help you learn and make you laugh. From the feedback I've gotten from emails, calls and even running into people around Rockland and as far away as in Puerto Rico, I've had fascinating conversations with the most diverse group of folks, just like you. Each month, I tried to utilize these conversations as fodder for my articles, with me learning something new every day, and passing it along to all of you. From the feedback I've gotten, I feel content in that I accomplished my mission, and as they say at NASA, mission accomplished.

With all of that said, the tough part of writing this article is that is my last. You see, I think I've run out of things to teach you. I've run out of things to write. I've always been truthful to you. Perhaps there's a lesson in this too- know when it's time. So, as much as it's like losing an old friend, this will be my last article.

I would like to thank Phil for giving me the opportunity to share with you every month, and more so for the friendship we've developed throughout the years. Mostly, I'd like to thank you- for keeping up with me through the years, following my trials and tribulations of life, and for all your input which helped me month to month for my ideas for article content. If you'd like to review my teachings from the past, most of my articles are archived in our website, Continue living, continue learning, and continue loving. Thank you.

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