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Finally- We Made It!

Allow me to introduce myself- my name is Neal Deutsch. I'm a husband, Dad and Pop, business owner, Certified Financial Planner™, and all the things I have in common with all of you. I shop, take out the garbage, walk the dog, clean the pool and do all the things it takes to get by, day by day. I'm a member of the Seville club since 2011, (yes I admit it- I'm a golf fanatic!) and in 2013 became the proud owner of the last house behind the water on the 18th fairway, with my beyond-wonderful wife Elizabeth and trusty dog Murphy.

I am very pleased to be your financial columnist for Seville Living, and look forward to sharing with you every month my views on the markets, financial and estate planning and stories about life, love and money. Because of my well-known background in the financial services industry, the Publisher of Seville Living gave me some latitude to take this month to introduce myself, tell my story, and explain to you what you can expect from my 33 years of experience in this crazy business helping thousands of people find their way on their own financial journey. It's different for each of us, and I've never encountered two the same. I take my work very seriously, but I am rarely serious. Up to now, I've spent more time in NY then here, and am very happy to announce the opening of our new office here... finally! After hearing my Grandson D.J. saying "you're going back to that NY place again?" one too many times we decided opening an office here was long past due. So, we're finally grounded and here- at least most of the time!
I started in the financial business in 1984, and am a Certified Financial Planner™ since 1991. I'm one of those (I'm told) rare people who really love what they do, getting up every morning wondering "who am I going to help today?" One of the many joys of being in this business for this long is the wonderful relationship I've made with so many people and families through the years and decades. Being around for so long had given me witness to more births than I can count to whom I am known as Uncle Neal, and have the honor and pleasure of working with many families in two and three generations: in 5 instances, I've worked with 4 generations in the same family. I've gotten more calls than I can count from my surrogate nieces and nephews from college to explain to them an economics conundrum they don't understand, and have gently refused the offer more than once to "assist" in writing a paper or thesis!

The honor of being a part of one's family and taken into their confidence is more humbling and pleasing to me than I can honestly describe. It's a feeling that is deep in my heart, and that I take very seriously. When we lose a client due to advanced age, a little bit of us dies with them... it's heartbreaking as we consider them part of our own family. Just managing a client's money is only the start for me: being a part of their life is what it's all about. Managing money without knowing the whole picture is like a doctor prescribing medication without doing an exam: not very productive or ethical in my eyes.

In 2010 I was named by Jim Cramer on his CNBC show as their pick for top businessman in the financial services field. I've been named in The Heritage of Who's Who, and back in NY for the past 5 years I've been named in the top 5% of Financial Professionals in the Hudson Valley, the area just surrounding NYC. I invite you to visit our new office so I can show you my collection of 50 or so awards and recognitions I have been blessed to receive. I just do what I do, and thank those who recognize the effort I put into helping others. I've been the financial columnist for a NY magazine, NY Rivertown since 2006, and have authored a book, "Tales from the Chestnut Tree."

So, here's the deal. My self-professed style of writing is "where real life meets financial planning." My ideas each month come from meeting with and having conversations with folks just like you. I encourage you to call me or drop me a line with any ideas you have, or questions you may be wondering about. So, thank you Publishers for allowing me to introduce myself, and I look forward to connecting with you all each month. The one thing you won't get, for sure though, is a serious me. See you on the tee!

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