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Here’s To The THANKS In Thanksgiving

For me, nothing says more than Thanksgiving for the month of November. Turkey, cranberries, the family around the table laughing and reminiscing…that to me is what Thanksgiving is all about. So tell me… how often do you think about the things you can give thanks for, as opposed to the things you lament about not having?

I meet new people each week: the most often asked questions that are posed to me are about retirement and Social Security. The Social Security act of 1935 was put in place to allow for a system of savings for all Americans who work by deducting an amount from their weekly paycheck in exchange for a promise to pay the individual income for life at (the time) age 65. The idea at the time was to create a small income for all to add to their savings. Call it a forced savings if you will, but statically now, about 80 years later, statistics are that 85% of the people who collect Social Security count on it as their primary source of income. Some may say the income is just a return of their own contributions... I wonder how many say THANKS for that all so important check every month?

The government at one time reported to us not long ago that unemployment was close to 9%: as of the date of this writing, the figure is down to 5.1%. I won't get into how accurate these figures are, just that the numbers are reported by our government- take it for what you may. Either way, I know I work very hard taking care of our client, writing these articles and all of the other dozens of things that make up what I do. I am a fanatic for service, and do everything I can to deliver to our client everything we promise and more. What I find though, is everywhere I go I hear people complaining about their jobs or work. Too much work for too little pay, can you believe the boss told me to do so and so, working conditions, hours, tasks... yes- the very things they are paid to do. I wonder... how often do they stop complaining and give THANKS for having a job and a source for making money?

Good health is something most take for granted. When you're young and "invincible" thinking about anything but good health is not even an afterthought. As we start to age, it seems that we all have something. It's different for everyone- our ailments are as diverse as we are. There's an old saying- "if we were to put everybody's health problems on the table, I'd take mine right back." Good health is taken for granted: don't forget to say THANKS to whoever you choose for it.

Quick question: how many times do you say THANKS to somebody when they do something nice for you, or just hand you something?

The race for retirement is one that most of us run. From the time we get out of school, we start to work: at all times with that magic race to the retirement finish line. Some make it earlier than others, some pace Social Security, some choose to work longer for one reason or another. To make our weekly contributions to our 401(k) or annual IRA contributions, we sacrifice things we would like to have in return for putting the money away for retirement. When was the last time you said THANKS to yourself for sacrificing not for later, and the realization that because you sacrificed, there is a later!

Lastly, but most important, is to say THANKS for your family and friends. These are the people that enrich our lives, make us whole and are there for us through thick and thin. Don't ever take them for granted, and don't ever forget to say THANKS for them- without them, life would never be the same... and don't forget to THANK the turkey as well for giving you a reason to spend time with your loved ones. A happy and healthy early Thanksgiving to you all!

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