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What is Your Single Biggest Goal?

Financial planning is about setting and achieving goals and objectives. Buying a house or car, sending kids to college, saving for that dream vacation... getting your eyes set on a goal and with fortitude and a disciplined savings program, finding yourself on that Caribbean beach or high atop the Alps of Switzerland. The result sounds…
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Debt: Friend or Foe?

The first word that usually comes to mind when discussing debt is "Ugghh." I'm not sure if it's an official Webster word, but everybody knows its meaning. While debt usually begets stress, sweat, sleepless nights and aggravation, there is two sides to every coin. Debt also has its good side: just think about where you…
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May 2019

The year has been a roller-coaster due in part to the dysfunction of our government, and the mixed signals sent both domestically and internationally over the many issues surrounding politics and economics. As I always say, I take no sides- this letter is to update you on what is going on, and how it is…
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