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Financial Planning, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, College Planning… Withdrawal Planning?

Now that tax time is finished, thinking about putting money away for use later in life is not. Retirement planning and saving is a 365/24 deal... it should always be on your mind. My day involves lots of planning to accomplish many different goals. Financial planning involves budgeting, investment management, cash flow, portfolio construction and…
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The Serious Side of Life

Since I've last written, it's been a tougher time for me than usual. I've lost my faithful dog Murphy- the only dog I've ever had- I never had a dog as a kid. A few weeks later, my Mom passed. She lived a good life, into her 90's, and it was just her time... which…
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Because “Y” Is A Crooked Letter

If you're a golfer at Seville, you know that to go from the front and 9th hole to the 10th, you have to go through the tunnel under Clubhouse Drive. As you decide to enter the tunnel, you have the choice to essentially go right or left- right to the 18th (and a potential collision)…
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